Nichole + Arnold

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We love to hear true love stories and Nichole and Arnold have one of the best we have ever heard. Their wedding will be this summer at Stonebridge Farm Nursery, Big Sewickley Creek Road, Economy, Pennsylvania. Nichole loves the book “The Secret Garden” (by Frances Hodgson Burnett) and is modeling her wedding after it. There will be lots of roses, ivy and ferns. Joanne ironically just read “My Secret Garden” again after many years before signing onto to coordinate Nichole’s wedding!

We asked Nichole how she and Arnold met and fell in love. She told us the whole story and honestly, we couldn’t say it any better!

“On July 10, 2014 I was leaving dinner with a friend in Squirrel Hill when I decided that I just wasn’t ready to call it a night. I love to go salsa dancing, but during the school year I don’t get many chances to go. So, I decided to take advantage of a summer Thursday evening and went to Seviche downtown for their Latin night. I went by myself, which is something I never do, so I was a bit nervous as I sat down by the bar. I wanted to have a better view, so I attempted to turn my tall chair around without bumping the person next to me. I was unsuccessful and after bumping a chair, I heard the person next to me say, “Are you alright there?” I was a little embarrassed but we ended up talking and he asked me to dance (bachata). I’ll never forget seeing that first smile of his, so warm and captivating. Through conversation that followed we realized that we had been living a block away from each other in Sewickley for the past 3 years!! He had been taking his neighborhood runs past my front door for the past three years and we never once ran into each other. We even had both worked in Moon and both went to the same gym.”

Nichole said they spent the next hour or so dancing and talking until a group of her friends happened to walk in the door. Arnold may have thought she was taken and so he thanked her for the dance and politely walked away. Nichole was disappointed he didn’t stick around and so she was relieved that he showed up before she left and asked to see her again!

More of Nichole’s own words. “We’ve talked so many times about how many things had to fall into place for us to meet that day. He wasn’t planning on going out but had decided to give a friend a ride at the last minute. One of my favorite little details is that he had picked up his friend that night at a house that was on the same street as the house he would purchase a year later and where he would propose to me! He didn’t even realize it until after we were engaged!”

“We have found such joy and love together, and our story is so special to both of us. Arnold brought me a single red rose on our first date and we have decided to carry that symbol of love and beauty into the theme of the wedding. We also chose ivy since it is a symbol of fidelity and friendship. We both feel so blessed that God would allow us to meet and brought us together at just the right moment. We are so excited to share our commitment to the love and friendship we have found in each other with all of our loved ones. Oh and I bet you can guess what type of dance our first dance will be!”

Nichole and Arnold, we are so looking forward to your wedding! Congratulations and Best Wishes!
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