Think About Your Guests

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Photo by Zack Wilson Photography

Picture Perfect Entry! Photo by Zack Wilson Photography

Aunt Claire and Uncle Jim are coming from New York. Cousins Sue and Nick are arriving from North Carolina. Your old college friend Maddie can’t wait to get here.

It’s your daughter’s wedding. Guests are arriving from all over the country to celebrate the big day. You’ve booked the Hyatt, made Pittsburgh gift baskets for their rooms, planned the rehearsal dinner to include them all. Now what?

Recently, a good friend of mine told me how she and her husband traveled miles to attend a wedding. She bought a new dress, shopped for the bride and groom’s present, and booked a hotel room.

Upon arriving at the wedding, there was no one to greet them. Then a young twelve year old girl welcomed them and told them where to sit. During the ceremony (I kid you not), the fire alarm for the building went off. Everyone went outside. After a while, it was the little girl who told everyone when to go back into the building.

I said “Where was the coordinator?” My friend said, “There wasn’t one.”

As I continue to work with brides and their families, it becomes more and more apparent to me that brides who want a coordinator do so for a couple of reasons. First, they want to enjoy their own day without worrying about every little detail. They want someone else (and not a family member) to watch over things, keep to the timeline for the day as best they can, and make sure any emergencies (like that fire alarm) are tended to.

Photo by Zack Wilson Photography

Lots of Happy Guests! Photo by Zack Wilson Photography

Second, they want their guests to have a good time. When it is obvious there is a coordinator, people will notice and take questions to that coordinator, instead of bothering the family. A coordinator is added insurance for a contented day, sort of like a big warm blanket for the entire wedding.

I think of myself as a warm blanket because I bring on smiles and soothe the nervous. Your guests are going to have questions at the ceremony and the reception. And they don’t want to bother you. They want to know where the bathrooms are, where to put their card, when it’s ok to raid the cookie table. They may get to the reception a tad bit late and want to know if they should wait in the foyer while the maid of honor gives her toast, or go and find their table? (answer: WAIT) Even the vendors have questions like when is dinner, when do I start the music for the buffet, etc etc etc.

Ah, I answer their questions. I am the go to person. I don’t bother the bride and groom or the family unless absolutely necessary. And then I keep it brief and non dramatic. Your guests will have a good time, I promise. And so will you.

Photo by Zack Wilson Photography

I love this picture! Thank you to Zack Wilson Photography

Think of your guests. Call us at 412-498-1607 and let us help you on your special day!

Please share and pass this post along to friends who are having a wedding. Thank you!

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