Honey Wine on a Honey Moon

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The Beautiful Dundee Farm

The Beautiful Barn at Dundee Farm, Sewickley PA.

On June  20, 2016, the Full Moon appeared on the same night as the summer solstice! It is rare and the last time this occurred was in 1948. By landing exactly on the solstice, the Full Moon didn’t just rise as the Sun set but was opposite the Sun in all other ways too.

The Sun was very high and the Moon was very low. Even in the wee morning hours, it was still low! It forced its light through thicker air, humid at this time of year, and the combination of this made the moon amber colored.  This is why the full moon during the solstice is called a Honey Moon. 🙂

To celebrate this momentous event, the perfect opportunity presented itself recently when King View Mead and Burgh Bees hosted a honey wine tasting event at Dundee Farm, a real working sheep farm in Sewickley, PA.

Wine tasting at its best!

Wine tasting at its best!

Scott Neeley is the founder, owner, and head wine maker at King View Mead. But wait, what the heck IS mead? On their website, KVM describes mead as such. “The oldest of all alcohols, mead’s history predates medieval knights, Viking exploration and the Roman empire. It even goes back before the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.  The oldest known recipe for mead is from the text Rig Veda, created 6000 years ago, and many believe it was stumbled upon by early man as they gathered honey, which fermented over time.”

Scott Neely, left, greets visitors at Dundee Farm

Scott Neely, left, and Sam Shepard, right, greet visitors at Dundee Farm

If the attendance and enthusiasm of the guests that evening is any indication, people love mead! Many guests willingly sampled the delicious wine that Scott graciously poured. Katherine’s Daughter Events, sponsor of Beefuddled Farms Honey Parties, was on hand to mingle with fellow honey and wine lovers. There were many beekeepers there as well! King View Mead is a supporter of local honey and held a drawing that night. Three beekeepers won hives.

This Bee Observation tower was very popular!

This Bee Observation tower was very popular!

Delicious munchies abounded and the gorgeous scenery around Dundee Farm was the perfect backdrop for this evening. Even the rain dared not interfere. Where will the next King Mead event bee? Check out their Facebook page for all the latest information! Katherine’s Daughter Events is looking for another perfect opportunity to collaborate with King View Mead and Beefuddled Farms on an over 21 event to give even more people the opportunity to taste mead. Stay tuned!

Twinkle Lights Dundee Farm King View Mead





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