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Honey Wine on a Honey Moon

On June  20, 2016, the Full Moon appeared on the same night as the summer solstice! It is rare and the last time this occurred was in 1948. By landing exactly on the solstice, the Full Moon didn’t just rise as the Sun set but was opposite the Sun in all other ways too. The Sun was very high and the Moon was…

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Come to a Honey of a Party!

“it all comes of liking honey so much.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh Katherine’s Daughter Events is proud to announce our Summer 2016 sponsorship of Honey Parties by Beefuddled Farms! Jim and Michelene Cain have just launched their website, and it contains lots of information on their honey business. We are bee-yond excited to fill…

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